Politics anyone?


1. The activities associated with the governance of a country or area.
2. The activities of governments concerning the political relations between countries.
Politics are the governing factors on whether you have a republican form of government or a democracy.
Politics are used to push agendas in a democracy.
Politics governed by law insure a republican form of government.
A push for a strain on law (courts, law enforcement, people, congress, senate etc.) would push for republicans to act as if in a democracy.
Have you been acting for the restoration of a republic or making a republic a democracy?
Only you can answer this issue for yourself do you have your own opinion or has one been provided for you?
Have you acted with love or confused hate and anger?
If there was a system of law and you were against it thinking it was lawlessness why would you meet such resistance?
To uphold and defend should make more sense to you now more than ever. Amen

2 thoughts on “Politics anyone?

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