A Few Words Rather than 10000

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If the water was turned to wine

the world would be a beautiful place,

Instead a thousand tears drown out the silence

of calm in this place.

We should look to the heavens

for the answers we seek

yet the wolves have blinded the weak.

How much sorrow must the world partake

before they embrace the God they forsake.

Though one often says I have my dreams

they often forget they have within them the means.

When the bread has been sliced and crumbled among men

we can follow the crumbs to find our way back again.

If on our knees is where we should pray

standing on corners God hears not a word we say.

How did we get here away from the land upon which we were blessed

and from where the love among his children we once caressed.

Who gives life that gave not it’s root

who are we not to bear it’s fruit.

The rainbow is the bow around the cloud

A sign about the confusion that speaks so loud.

A promise given is a promise kept

yet outside the covenant is why they wept.

A sun and moon for signs and seasons

a light in the dark for spiritual reasons.

The earth like sand apart slips through the palms of your hands

but with water and mix we build things grand.

Together in the spirit we are in God’s hands

with a little wisdom one understands.

Guard your hearts for it is of passion

for it was of this the Lord showed compassion.

Pray to our father in the Holy One’s name

and together our lives will never be the same.

A history chosen by choice to repeat

and a world brought down to his feet.

How many times must we be pressed before we learn

it is our father who shows his concern.

If we are blind in spirit we are taught through flesh

but with wisdom bodies of the Spirit God will refresh.

Forged in love brought down by fire

look to your heart and keep check of the true desire.

Raise up your house and stand in light

only upon his rock are all things made right.

Is it no wonder they called it old glory

or have you forgotten the true founding story.

Is it no wonder they said for purple mountain’s Majesty?

or have we forgotten it and become a tragedy.

Did they not say crown thy good with brotherhood?

in the body of the Holy Spirit as we should.

Does not Church mean a congregation

or has it been turned into an entertaining sensation.

Does not love endure all things

or have we once again sought worldly kings.

Does a plant not bend toward the light in the way it must grow?

is it no wonder it is written you reap what you sow?

If you plow a wide field do you not plow straight and narrow along the row?

Is it no wonder it is written the way is wide but the path is narrow?

As you walk along that path do you not drop your seeds along the way?

Is it no wonder we were made from the dirt upon which the seeds we must lay?

How many ways have the servants of God taught

before understanding, love  and communion can be wrought.

The tree of life has many branches twigs and stems bearing fruit

with wisdom we must plant our root.

For a tree cut off from its foundation

leads to a simple point of contemplation.

While watching from his towers the guardians have wept

as the vineyard has been terribly kept.

Seek wisdom in the God above

holding fast to the covenant brought about from his love.

This is wisdom:

Everyone born has 3 fathers with one most high

Every spirit grown was once before known

Every seed planted is covered in darkness under the earth to reach up into the light

Every crop not tended withers away

a lamb with a shepherd is saved from slaughter

a shepherd with sheep is always warm

But even a withered a dried up pond is filled and calm after a storm

let he who has wisdom calculate the number of the beast

while the children of God sit about the harvest and feast


~Minister Joseph Preston Kirk

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