Republic or Democracy?

Republican forms of government were ensured by the constitution.

Republican forms of government were based on laws not majority interests.

Democracy was never the intention of the United states which is what made it so free and independent from the rest of the world.

Why then have we stooped so low as to act like a democracy because a democracy pushes for people to move for sertain beliefs rather than structured laws.

Democracy calls for anarchy.

Have you been pushing for law or lawlessness? Have you stopped to think?

Where are your motives are they Just? Can you uphold a constitution when not following it?

Confusion is the basis for democracy where education and knowledge is the basis for a republic.

Can anger blind and confuse you? If you watched a love one die right before your eyes but were only a few seconds away from saving them would you be able to think clearly? In that state would you be in a state of democracy or republic?

If restoring a republic would it truly be done by using tactics found only in a democracy?

Does not anger bring conflict? Does conflict resolve anything or peaceful conversations with compromise.

Would God approve?

What defines you as a person? Anger or love? Are you acting with love and reason or anger and confusion?

These are the issues only you can resolve for yourself unless you have grown so dependent on others opinions you can not form your own.

Americans are innovative, intelligent and strong as we stand united but divided we fall.

For this is our motto “In god we trust”

Do you remember the full version of the star spangeled banner? This fourth of July celebrate our independence by remembering the true foundation of our nation and its independence and not just the display of fireworks and lights.

Have you become lazy and apathetic to just think of it as a party day with fireworks or do you remember? Have you forgotten?


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