Family values……

If you cannot resolve your issues by coherent mediations then how can you be a parent. If you can not protect your children without anger how can you discipline them effectively. If you cannot reason and peacfully portray what needs to be done how can you be responsible enough to teach those children responsibility. If you have a problem with the procedures in use with our youth and you shout and protest without asking for a proper remedy how can you be in charge of your own affairs? If you have a problem in a store with a clerk do you complain to the clerk or management? When speaking to management do they help unruly incoherent complainers or do they act more cooperatively with peaceful complainers?

If I went to burger King and got a messed up order do I throw it at the drive through person? Wouldnt get me far would it?

Do I ask to speak to a manager? Yes. Do I yell at the manager?

If I yell….. I probably wont get anything.

If I speak calmly and intelligently I usually get a free meal or compensation.

So then did we not institute governments to protect our rights? If speaking in anger and incoherency how will they address our issues?

I would think if we follow the constitution in peace instead of overwhelming anger things might get resolved alot faster and smoother.

The government can not get involved in specific singular isolated instances. However instead of anger maybe all those families should work together on a solution that would work for everyone’s interest instead of a personal interest. This is how things are done in a republican government.

The problem is families grew dependent on the state raising their children if you are really parents deserving to parent and raise your children then how can you expect them to solve your problems without providing any offer of a solution? Have you forgotten about the children? Have you thought of the children or have you thought of your self?

As parents dont we say “the children come first”? Are you protesting for the children or your anger?

Only you can resolve these issues for yourself but whne you do think as if you were a member of a PTA and what would work not only for you but everyone else.

When was the last time you thought about a solution rather than getting even?

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